What You Know and Don’t Know about Regular Exercise: 6 Must Reads.

Minahil Khan Mir
4 min readNov 26, 2018

Blood and sweat is the new black. Quite literally. Fast food is on the rise worldwide. And thanks to instantly available high-tech resources, it can be ordered sitting on a couch. Consequently, sedentary lifestyle is on the rise. And this is what causes pre-mature aging, the onset of all the fatal diseases, heart diseases topping the chart. Loss of focus, chronic pain problems, mental health issues, threatening obesity and much more, all stem from an unhealthy lifestyle.

But with all the chaos surrounding health deterioration, there is an ever increasing interest in the health and fitness industry. Gym popularity is on the rise. Healthy recipes, muscle-training, yoga, other sports, and information providers about health and fitness all are rising industries. People are becoming more health conscious.

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Regular exercise has both immediate and long-lasting effects. It has amazing impact on both physical and mental health. To get you pumped up and get an appointment with those running shoes, here are the life-saving benefits of exercise.

1. Improved Focus.

In a book called “Spark- the revolutionary new science of exercise and the brain”, Dr. John Ratey, says that exercise has wonder effects on brain in the short term. It improves performance by increasing clarity and focus. So, it could be of immense help to get your body moving before a test or a stage performance, speech or a presentation.
Physical activity increases blood flow to the brain, cuts off the grip of degenerative diseases which improves brain performance in the short and long term.

2. Immunity boost.

T-cells are immunity cells. Killer T-cells help destroy cell that are infected with germs. Helper T-cells help in guarding immunity. Physical activity is shown to boost production of these cells and hence, a better immune system. A strong immune system means we are able to ward off some serious health issues.

3. New Brain Cells.

Earlier, it was believed that once a person is born with neurons, it cannot re-grow any (which happened by the age of 2). But studies have shown that physical activity boosts the production of new brain cells.
New brain cell, means a sharper and clearer mind. This improves intelligence and performance. A focused mind means you can learn better and easily.

4. Increased Pain Tolerance.

Exercise increases muscle mass. It leads to a lean and strong body. Naturally, a strong body means increased pain tolerance.
Pain is a part of life, physical or mental. We should be strong and healthy enough to fight them all.

5. Anti-ageing medicine.

Exercise not only makes you feel youthful but can also make you look youthful. A healthy body exudes youthfulness.
According to a research experiment in Ontario University, exercise has effects on a deep, cellular level. Exercise transfers blood and nutrients to the skin. This repairs skin damage that happens through sun and natural poisons.
Nutrients replenish the collagen in skin and fights wrinkles. With age, fibroblasts, which are the collagen-delivering cells in the skin, start to weaken. As a result of collagen loss, skin becomes saggy and wrinkl-y.
Through regular exercise, necessary nutrients reach the fibroblasts. This helps them to work effectively and makes your skin look youthful.

The best way to make friends and form new bonds is to to an activity of common interest. The human connection strengthens when people share interests and experiences. Exercise is one such activity. Aside from all the wondrous health benefits, it is an amazing way to connect with people. Exercise comes in a variety of forms. You can choose whatever you like.
Hiking, biking, swimming, water aerobics (easy on the joints as well), skipping or even the good old gym. Whatever suits you and your body best. Running or jogging with a partner/friend eases depression and lifts up the mood.
So, get those shoes out and running.

Here’s the summary: