The greatest Psychological factors behind attraction

Minahil Khan Mir
3 min readAug 16, 2019
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Curious? As to what attracts other people to you? Maybe you are “totally crushing” over someone. So, a little scientific help on how to attract that person would set your life on track. Or you just want to be a generally liked persona. Whatever your reasons, here are some factors that create the forces of pull between two people.


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While looks are never the primary factor in attraction, it cannot be denied that appearance is what creates the first impression. You judge people in the moment by the way they dress, speak and walk.

Posture, the way you stand, sit and walk can either make or break your personality. Walk, sit, and stand straight. Not in a robotic way but in a relaxed, comfortable way.

Your whole outer appearance exudes how confident you are in yourself. You should take care of how you look from the outside but never overdo it.

Take time to set your personal style. Because looks do play an important part in the initial process of attraction.


Confidence plays a huge role in attracting other people. If you are secure about yourself, you are more likely to put the other person at ease too. People feel good when they can be themselves around someone in this fake world. And ease comes with confidence and acceptance of your own self.

The best way to become confident is to master a skill or find out some way to feel good about yourself.

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The Humor Effect is a psychological phenomenon where things are more easily remembered when presented in a humorous way, so if you want someone to remember you, try cracking a joke!

Be fun to be around. We are attracted to people and things that are fun, interesting, intriguing and that catch our attention.

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Intelligence is sexy. Intelligence does not necessarily mean academic smart but also when you can show intelligence in dealing with day to day situations.

Intelligent people don’t cripple easily. They solve problems and maintain their integrity in the process.

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Don’t sell yourself so easily. Keep yourself to yourself. There is a mysterious attraction in someone who doesn’t let out the scoop on their life so easily. Mysteriousness is attractive.

For the reason that people are caught in awe of something they can’t get or know.

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If people want to know more about you, never reveal everything. Always keep some mystery about yourself. It will make you more attractive.