10 ways to cope with depression

Minahil Khan Mir
4 min readOct 29, 2018
“woman wearing black tank top fading photo effect” by Thư Anh on Unsplash

Have you ever woken up in the morning and lied in bed way past your set time because you didn’t know why or how to get up? With that empty pit invading your insides?
Do you often find your mind wandering off to lands of negative emotions such as feeling worthless, confused, anxious for everything? But still you couldn’t put a finger on why were you so worried when apparently there was no elephant in the room. And you just sit there and cry. just feeling sad and scared but you don’t know why.
And you search around for help but you know that the logical minds wouldn’t understand this ‘illogical’ crying.

Then, there is nothing wrong with you. You are very much sane. What you are going through in reality, is a very common mental health issue: Depression.
Depression leads to low moods and aversion to life in general. It brings forth strong feelings of sadness, loneliness, fear, and anxiousness etc.

The first step towards solving a problem is to identify it. Now that you have done that, let’s move on to the next big step. COPING WITH DEPRESSION. Here I am listing some ways I have used to constantly uplift me from shadows of depression.

1. Rest and Sleep:

It is very common to over-worry about everything when depressed. And not be able to appreciate ourselves. So, make it a compulsory point to take some time out to just rest. Make you bed with clean sheets and fluffy pillows. Buy some cute, soft cushions for your bed or to snuggle with if you can. Pamper yourself. Take a hot bath, go to a spa or have a home spa day. Play your favorite games and watch good TV. And just Rest.

2. Support Network:

Having a support network around me made dealing with depression much easier. Whether you think you are a loner or a social bomb, you need a support system. People who understand what you are going through. A community where you can share your feelings openly without the fear of judgement. It could be family, friends, relatives or just a colleague who you feel comfortable enough to trust with something so intimate as depression. Or else it could be an online forum where people with similar problems or interests come together to talk.
Which brings us to another important point for building up strong networks.

3. Volunteer:

GIVING. We all need to feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment that our lives mattered. No you don’t need to be a millionaire philanthropist to feel like you are helping and giving back. Just spare an hour or two, one or two times a week. Maybe during weekend. You can do more if you can. And find something you really feel about from your heart. Maybe you had gone through a bad friendship and want to be there as a friend for others. You could join an elderly care or child care organization as a volunteer and be the friend they never had.

4. Educate Yourself:

You must be aware. Aware of what you’re going through. Educate yourself about depression. The what, why and how of it. Read up on it. Sift through motivating videos.

5. Find outlets for Creative Expression:

Regardless of whether you’re a creative person or not, doing something novel is very therapeutic. Take out that canvas and brush and get painting. Or maybe you love food and would like to experiment with recipes. Also, you could make cards, hand-made baskets, and other crafts to decorate your desk or your entire home. You could also give it away as a gift to a children’s organization/school.

6. Exercise:

Exercise is a great way to get the endorphins flowing. Endorphins are chemical substances that reduces your perception of pain. It also increases positive feelings in your body. Moreover, exercise is a great habit to keep you busy. Bonus: you’ll be toned before you know it.

7. Eating:

Since we are exercising, why not combine that with taking out time every week or every day to do healthy meal prep. There are very tasty healthy recipes all over the internet that are very easy to follow as well. You could do a quick Pinterest search or watch a YouTube video. Also, meal prep and cooking is very therapeutic.

8. Gratitude Journal:

Writing a journal helps clear up your mind. It gives a sequence and meaning to your thoughts. Especially if you write a gratitude journal. Gratitude for all the great things in your life and for people you appreciate increases abundance in your life. Find a quiet time and place to sit down with a glass of juice or a piece of fruit and just give thanks for all the blessings that we take for granted. It will shift your perspective from negative to positive.

9. Music:

Listening to uplifting music changes brain chemistry for good. Good music soothes your mind and body. Just browse great music and start listening. You might come across a track that will forever find a place on your playlist.

10. Nature:

Nature is calming and re-freshening. Try getting up in the early hours of morning and taking a walk in a park or a garden. If you have a small garden or plants in your home, have breakfast sitting in nature. And just watch- the sunrise up properly, the birds coming out to chirp. Praying in the quiet of early morning gives you an energy boost for the entire day.